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 10/2/2015 - Charitable Service Week – October 3-11                      

The Supreme Council invites all councils to conduct outreach programs for their parish and communities during Charitable Service Week, October 3-11.

Depending upon the needs in your community, your council may wish to conduct a Food for Families program by hosting a food drive or preparing and serving a meal at a soup kitchen. If cold weather comes early to your area, the first weeks of October might be the perfect time to provide warm winter coats to children in need. Where the weather is still warm, councils might instead take part in a Habitat for Humanity building project, helping a family with a new home before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Talk to your pastor to see if there is some work that he needs done to the church or church grounds.

While you’re conducting your outreach, don’t forget that every program represents a membership recruitment opportunity. Invite prospective members to join you in your work a way to show a man that there is a place for him in the Knights of Columbus. Also invite members who haven’t been active for a while. Men join the Order to be active – show them that their efforts will be both meaningful and appreciated.

Councils conduct wonderful programs every day. The intent of the Orderwide Charitable Service Week is to expand upon and concentrate those good works. After the week is complete, send an email and photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to tell us about the program your council conducted. 




9/24/2015 - Fraternal Service Webinar Coming                      

On October 7, 2015 at 7:00pm CST, the Supreme Council will be hosting a Fraternal Leader Training and Best Practices Webinar.  This training is geared towards ALL fraternal leaders.  All officers are welcome to participate. Register by using the following link:

This webinar will focus on how to plan, promote and implement council programs:

  • Positioning your council for long-term growth by conducting well-rounded programs in order to earn the Star Council Award.
  • Best practices in using the Fraternal Leader Success Planner as a tool to plan and evaluate council programs in order to chart a more successful course.
  • Working with strategic alliance partners to help your council be or become the “go-to charitable service organization” in your parish and community.
  • Effective use of  “An Invitation”, a video resource for use with prospective members.
  • Questions and Answer session.

9/16/2015 - Pilgrimages in the Coming Weeks                      

We have 3 religious pilgrimages scheduled in the coming weeks in Conception, Laurie, and Florissant.  For more information, please visit the Pilgrimages page for all the details.

 9/16/2015 - State Program Manual Now Available Online       

The State Program Manual that the District Deputies distribute to the local council leadership is now available online for your use.

To access it, click on the State Program Manual link at the top of any of the website pages.

 8/26/2015 - Image Gallery Up and Running

The Image Gallery is again up and runnning.

To use it, go to the bottom of the home page, and click the Image Gallery link.  

Currently we have pictures from the 2015 State Convention and 2015 Summer Meetings uploaded and available for viewing.

 3/5/2015 - New Supreme Council Star Council Incentive

  • Check out the new incentive for councils who reach Star Council status receiving a credit from Supreme for 2015-2016 assessments
  • More information on the Star Council page

3/5/2015 - Membership Invitation Program

The Membership Team and the Insurance General Agents in Missouri have developed a new and improved Membership Invitation Program that is integrated with the State Council's UKnight Interactive webpage.

- Click here to go directly to the Membership Invitation Program on UKnight
- Follow this document for instructions on how to use the program: Rollout

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