God Blesses Us Not Just For Ourselves, But To Be A Blessing To Others

                                                                                                            September, 2013


State Deputy, Brad Grill, Says . . . .

“God Blesses Us Not Just For Ourselves, But To Be A Blessing To Others”


My Brother Knights,

            It is hard to believe that over a year has passed since I had the great honor and privilege to commence service as State Deputy of the Missouri jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus. Over the last fourteen months, each day I have come to realize the tremendous potential of our Order here in the great State of Missouri to accomplish so much in service to God, Church and Country. The Missouri Knights of Columbus continues to expand our partnerships with organizations throughout the state. As this year’s slogan proclaims “Knights in Partnership Making a Difference”, we are truly making a difference, from the efforts of the Meet Life Campaign to our expanding relationship with Missouri Special Olympics.

            I pledge to you that I will continue to do my very best in service as State Deputy. I ask for your help and efforts to make this year your best year as a member of the Knights of Columbus. As noted above, “God Blesses Us Not Just For Ourselves, But To Be A Blessing To Others”, I believe that when we act in service to others, we see how good the world can be and how good God expects the world to be.

            Over the last number of months, I have had an opportunity to travel across the state to various Councils and events, and I can report our Order is alive and well and truly making a difference as the greatest lay service organization here in the State of Missouri. Please make every effort to recruit a new member this fraternal year in order that our Order can better serve and strengthen our efforts to increase our charitable works. Just think what one new young Brother Knight in the next 40-50 years might accomplish because you asked him to be a Knight.

            In early August the Supreme Convention took place in San Antonio, Texas, and Council 1576 in Union, Missouri was declared the Council Activities Program International Award Winner for the Tractor Crawl they sponsored. What an accomplishment! When you think of all of the Councils in our Order throughout the world and here in Missouri, Council 1576 received the International Council Award. Congratulations goes out to all Brother Knights participating in the Tractor Crawl Program which has successfully assisted in providing food to worthy families in the region of Union, Missouri. As Supreme Knight, Carl A. Anderson, noted in his article “Loving Jesus in the Poor” published in the August, 2013 Columbia Magazine, our Order needs to do all it can to provide and assist through our charitable endeavors, the poor and suffering. This fraternal year, we have established a new Community Activities Chairmanship headed by Kenneth Schmalbeck to assist in “Food for Families” programs. Please contact Brother Schmalbeck at (573) 635-4931 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or to advise Brother Schmalbeck as to what your Council has and would propose to do to assist in food raising drives.

            Please make every effort to support this year’s Developmental Disabilities Drive. So many individuals rely upon the proceeds of our efforts and are very grateful for all the Knights have done and continue to do for those persons with developmental disabilities.

            God bless all our Knights and families.