Charity That Evangelizes

                                                                                                April, 2014


State Deputy, Brad Grill, Says . . . .

“Charity That Evangelizes”


My Brother Knights, as we gather for our 113th Annual State Convention, it is a good time to consider our efforts to embrace the missionary spirit of charity which Pope Francis has asked all of us to foster within the Church. When I think of being a missionary, my first thought is being sent far away from home to a foreign land to preach the Gospel. I have never considered myself to be a missionary, but just a person trying to complete each day the daily tasks ahead of me. As the conclusion of my second term as State Deputy approaches, I have come to realize through all of the associations I have with my Brother Knights and observations of the true meaning of Knighthood that in fact, we are all missionaries as we do God’s work. As Blessed John Paul II wrote about what is at the heart of the missionary spirit we are called to, he said that a true “missionary is a person of charity…. He is a sign of God’s love in the world”. What we do as Knights with the Developmental Disability Drive, support of Missouri Special Olympics, Meet Life Campaign, Food for Families Program, Habitat for Humanity, the American Wheelchair Mission and the other ongoing and extended programs of charity across our State, are truly a representation of a missionary spirit in support of our Church and our communities.

I would like to thank all of my Brother Knights who have been working long and hard hours on membership growth in the State of Missouri. The “In Service with Pope Francis and Father McGivney Membership Drive” has been embraced by the overwhelming majority of our Councils. Please continue to make every effort to invite good Catholic men from our parishes and our communities to join our Order. Good Catholic men that might become better men and hopefully, great men in service with our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and Father McGivney, as we help our Order and the Church grow.

Recently, Carl Landwehr, the founder of the Vitae Foundation and its president for over 22 years, announced that he would be retiring. The new president of the Vitae Foundation will be Dr. Pat Castle. It is my understanding Carl, as he steps down as president, will continue to work with the Knights on a regular basis and in support of the Meet Life Campaign. At this time I would like to personally thank Carl on behalf of the 43,000 members of the Missouri Knights of Columbus for all he has done in support of the pro-life movement. If you have the opportunity, please contact Carl at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your thoughts in appreciation of his past and continuing work in the pro-life movement.

For those members who will not be able to attend the upcoming Annual State Convention, my report to the delegates will after the convention be noted on the Missouri Knights website. Thank you again and all of your families for all of your hard work and support of the Knights of Columbus as it truly embraces a missionary spirit of charity.