Do Small Things With Great Love

Written by Bradley P. Grill. Posted in State Deputy Blog

                                                                                                            March, 2013

State Deputy, Brad Grill, Says . . . .

“Do Small Things With Great Love”

 Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, one of the great lights of the 20th century, was beatified in 2003. As a model of holiness, she sets an example of true charity for the whole world. As we prepare for our Annual State Convention, it is a good time to reflect on what our membership in the Knights of Columbus means to each of us in our daily lives. As the Blessed Mother Teresa stated, “Do small things with great love” I submit that being a Knight is not valued upon great and glorious acts, but is really all of the little things, the small things, that each Brother Knight does on a regular and daily basis with great love to provide a helping hand and charitable acts to those who we come in contact with. Together, all our small charitable acts done with great love brings about a unity of purpose and a strengthening of our Order as we take on the challenges of the future. From the ever expanding “Meet Life” Campaign, to the ongoing and prospering Religious Information Bureau, to the expansion of the Knights of Columbus Developmental Center at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, the list goes on and on. Each day the baby bottle filled with change gathered by one Knight in unity with many Brother Knights adds up to thousands of babies being saved from the fate of abortion. R.I.B. contributions of many Brother Knights together proclaims that as an Order we wish to evangelize the faith through the numerous publications supported by our general membership. The helping hand to a senior citizen, the support of the developmentally disabled, laboring with Habitat for Humanity, the Wheelchair Mission, the Prison Mission, etc., all together are making a big difference throughout the State of Missouri and all of our communities. We have much to be proud of, but there is a great deal yet to be accomplished.

As we join together at our Annual State Convention, let us rededicate ourselves to the principals of our Order and consider what our membership means to us individually and how we can improve ourselves as Catholic men, husbands and fathers as we do small things with great love.

One of the most important efforts we can make in strengthening our Order is to foster new membership. With this in mind, I ask each Knight of Columbus across our great state to commit to asking at least one man to join us. As our Order grows, our efforts will expand in service to our Church, Order and Community. God bless all our Brother Knights and Families.

True Christmas Joy

Written by Bradley P. Grill. Posted in State Deputy Blog

                                                                                    December, 2012

State DEPUTY Brad Grill Says….


            My Brother Knights,

            First, I would like to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas season.

Recently, I heard the definition of what true “JOY” meant and I have come to realize that being a Knight exemplifies the meaning of a joyful life. Very simply, “J” stands for “Jesus”, “O” stands for “Others,” and “Y” stands for “Yourself” in order of priority. A life spent in service of others before yourself truly is a joyful and happy life. This thought exemplifies what it means to be a Knight of Columbus and I ask you to reflect on this as you rededicate yourself to our great Order.

            As we approach the halfway point in this Fraternal Year please look back over the last number of months and evaluate what has been accomplished by you and in your Council and what can be done to reach our goals together as Knights and Catholic men. This evaluation is also taking place on a State Council level and extensive discussions are ongoing as to how the State Council can be more productive in service to our Church, families and general communities. Please discuss any ideas you may have for improvement with your Council leadership, District Deputy, or you can email me at . In the months ahead, I will be reporting to you on expanding partnerships with Missouri Special Olympics, Catholic Charities, and other organizations in partnership with the Missouri Knights. From coordinating first response teams in times of catastrophe with Catholic Charities to facilitating individual Knight activities with Special Olympics programs, there are many possibilities which are being explored.

            We are blessed in Missouri to have the generous support of all of the Bishops in each of our four Diocese. Again this year we will be conducting our “Bishop Blast”. Please make every effort to support this membership drive which is vital to maintain our Order so that we can accomplish all we must in service to our Church and communities. I also ask that you make every effort to invite at least one Catholic man to join the Knights of Columbus. As a special note, I have written a letter welcoming and encouraging each new Brother Knight joining our Order this Fraternal Year. Please welcome our new Brother Knights and make them feel part of your Council.

            Thank you again for your past and continuing efforts as a member of the Missouri Jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus. I wish you and your family true JOY this Christmas season.

Knights In Partnership Making A Difference

Written by Bradley P. Grill. Posted in State Deputy Blog

                                                                    September, 2012

State DEPUTY Brad Grill Says….

“Knights In Partnership Making A Difference”

            My Brother Knights,

            It is a great honor and privilege to serve as State Deputy of the Missouri jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus. I would like to thank each of you for your past and continuing support and efforts on behalf of our Order. We have much to be proud of here in the State of Missouri and there is so much we can accomplish in the future as this year’s slogan provides “Knights in Partnership Making a Difference”.

           I pledge to you that I will do my very best in service as State Deputy. I ask for your help and efforts to do the best that you can also as recent members or old timers in support of your Brother Knights and their families and all those in our communities which we help to support through our charitable endeavors.

         These are exciting times for our Order, from the Meet Life Campaign to the new and expanded facilities of the Knights of Columbus Developmental Center at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis. It is my hope this year that our Order might obtain the Circle of Honor by recruiting 1,860 new members. I believe the best way to increase our membership is just to let people know all the Knights are about and all they have and continue to accomplish as Catholic gentlemen. The Knights are truly the backbone of their parishes and leaders in our communities. We must get the word out and I can assure you our membership will grow to continually revitalize and strengthen our Order.

            The current State Directors and Chairmen are second to none and are working very hard in support of your Councils. Whenever you have a question or concern, please contact me or the appropriate State Director or Chairman for answers or assistance. They are there to serve you and our Order to be the best we can.

          While we work in partnership with old friends as the Vitae Foundation and Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, this fraternal year we will be developing new partnerships with the Serra clubs throughout Missouri to work in promoting Vocations, and Catholic Charities. We will also work to expand our partnerships with Special Olympics of Missouri and with the Boy Scouts of America. By expanding our partnerships with these and other organizations, we will be able to accomplish much more.

          Please make every effort to support this year’s Developmental Disabilities Drive. So many individuals rely upon the proceeds of our efforts and are very grateful for all the Knights have done and continue to do for those persons with developmental disabilities.

           God bless all our Knights and families.