Miscellaneous Items

Written by Jeff Slama. Posted in Webmaster Blog


Several unrelated items of interest in the last couple days:
  1. I updated all the Bishop Blast articles to PDF.  Some folks couldn't view the Powerpoint since they didn't have MS Office installed, or didn't have it configured correctly.
  2. Posted the new 2012 Athletics brochure.
  3. Noticed a huge number of hits on Archbishop Carlson's obsolete contact article (not his profile, but the prior contact system before we implemented Profiles).  Traced it down to a setup snafu in the menu system.  If you hover your mouse over "Leadership" you see Officers, Directors, etc. below.  HOWEVER, if you CLICK on the actual "Leadership" menu word, it takes you to the obsolete ABp. Carlson article.  Problem solved by changing the "Leadership" menu to a Community Builder Profile menu.  Found the same situation for "News" and "Programs", which now take you to a sitemap (category list).
  4. Posted the KC-area First Degrees thru 2012.  Check the Calendar menu.
  5. For some odd reason, the Fr. McGivney Guild article disappeared, it's fixed now.