Web Server Update

Written by Jeff Slama. Posted in Webmaster Blog

4/3/2012  -  Well that was quite a ride...   Shortly after deploying the new web server, communications issues developed, resulting in gradual degradation and finally complete blockage of all Contact emails and on-line form submissions.  Incredibly, our site was marked as a spam source by several of the major BlackListing companies.  ALL attempts to resolve the issue proved futile.  In desperation we moved the site back to the original domain, and the situation stabilized.  During the move back, the site was off-line for several hours.

Users - please note all emails sent from the site (Contact Us, Leadership Profiles, etc.) from 3/1 to 4/2 may not have reached their destination.  You might want to follow-up on critical communications.
State Chairmen - please note some on-line forms from the same period may not have reached you directly.  I manually created summary forms to cover the submissions during that period.  Luckily, I had setup the site to save all submissions locally, so no data were lost.