It's a big bad world out there...

Written by Jeff Slama. Posted in Webmaster Blog

9/13/2012  Web Site Attacked

Late PM Friday, 9/8, I started noticing website oddities: the layout was scrambled using IE, and some pages attempted re-direction.  I alerted our tech partner.  On Saturday AM we confirmed a "hidden iFrame" infection, and I took the site off-line to protect our users.  Google also detected the infection and blacklisted the site, placing warning messages on search pages.  Browsers setup to use 'safe-browsing' client software also displayed warning messages. 

We cleaned the site and moved it back on-line Wed PM.  We re-submitted the site to Google Labs on Thursday AM, and it returned to full service Thursday PM.  Changes are in-process to prevent future occurrences.

Note - The infection redirected users to a 3rd-party (non KofC) site that attempted to spread malware:  NO KofC user data was hacked into, no personal information was harvested.

It's a big bad Internet out there...  update your anti-virus and operating system frequently, and be sure before you click.

On behalf of the Web committee, I apologige for any inconvenience caused by the outage.

     Jeff Slama, Webmaster

(Ironically, our site registrar GoDaddy was also hacked during this time period, and millions of web sites and email (including MoKofC) were off-line, so we would have been unreachable even if we had not been infected...)