Well that was quite a ride...

Written by Jeff Slama. Posted in Webmaster Blog

4/10/2013  Full Functionality Restored.

During 4Q2013, we started to see residual issues from Blacklisting, Hacking, 2 separate Viruses (neither compromised our users), loss of website email functionality (@mokofc.org emal was not affected), incorrect page loading due to bungled Search Engine Optimization implementation, and loss of tech support availabiilty from our current provider.  It was overwhelming, and I didn't even try to keep this blog current.  We tried to accomodate or mitigate the issues, probably for too long, so when a notice of shutdown by the current provider was received, we bit the bullet & switched to another Christian/Catholic provider, who completed operations about a week ago.  Extensive testing shows we are back up to full functionality, please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know if you see otherwise.

On the good note, we received the go-ahead from the State Deputy to form a Web Committee, with real Tech Support and real Training to be provided.  We have one or two spots left to fill on the Committee, please let me know if you would be interested.  Things are really looking up, and we can begin to implement long-awaited features, like individual log-in, protected content, user searching, etc.

On the down side of things, the original provider was the institution behind the "Council Websities" initiative, so that wonderful idea is gone along with them.  There are many ways to effectively communicate with your constituents, and Website presence represents a part of the whole picture.  I'm trying a few things out on my local Councils, and I've advise quite a few of the larger Councils on their questions.   Stay tuned for further developments.