2012 Convention

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Well, actually, this is more about the new capability of listing Recent Events / Upcoming Events / Events of Interest, / and News Items on the home page.  The Custom Module "Latest News" was selected to be a linear listing of stuff that members and other interested viewers should be aware of.  Kind of like the "Items of Interest" on the old site.

In any case, the section of the web site below the rotating banner will be the layman's version of the information presented in detail here in the webmaster's blog.  The first 2 items are the Bishop Blast and the Convention.

Speaking of the Convention:  WOW, the 2011 Convention was a complete absolute record-shattering tradition-breaking marvel, with the boring speeches suppressed.  Instead it was filled with informational workshops,  impacting audio/visuals, and a LIVE ULTRASOUND demo!  Totally different, and our State Deputy has promised an even more impressive 2012 convention!  Hard to imagine, but it would be just awesome if he pulls it off.  In case you don't get the point here, ... you NEED to get on the Delegate List for the 2012 Convention!!!


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Jan 14, 2012

I have added a Program Director blog (now we have 4 total), and I changed the State Chaplain and Program Director permissions to edit their blogs.  I corrected the Blog menu layout and links, they actually work now!
You can see the 4 blogs on the right side of this page.

It's going to be a GREAT New Year!

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Welcome to 2012!
As we explore and learn more about how Joomla and Web 2.0 work, the full capabilities of the new site will be implemented.  I have currently a 15-point Major Items list we are working on, not the least of which are migrating all the web forms, and importing 42,000 Missouri Knights.  Your patience is appreciated, the current Web Committee is just a small crew (let me know if you'd like to help...)

Registration Temporarily Disabled

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Individual Registration for the Missouri State web site has temporarily been disabled to prevent conflict with the member import process.
The State Web Site Committee is importing ALL 42,641 Missouri Knights into the system.  This means that all Knights will have their name, address, council number, etc. Pre-Added to their profile, thus saving them from having to enter it all manually, so the short down-time of the Registration process should be well-worth it.  Registration will again be available as soon as the import is complete, thank you for your patience.

We have arrived...

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Well, how about that, the new site DNS has propagated, and Content Management System (CMS) Web 2.0 is live for Missouri Knights!  Big Difference, eh?

Yes, there are a couple areas that need work.  If you are reading this and you are familiar with CMS Joomla site administration / content management, please volunteer to be on the nascent web committee by contacting me : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If this new CMS system is too much for you, and you need to access the old site, I have made a backup at: 
Please note it will not contain any updated information after Dec 2, 2011.