Website Maintenance

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Beginning Monday Feb 27th the State Website will be moving to a new server.  During this time Login will be disabled, but ALL OTHER functionality will be maintained.  It is expected the move will be completed in much less than a week, at which time I will post another notification, and apply all update information received during the downtime.


Written by Jeff Slama. Posted in Webmaster Blog

2/10/2012 - Some Updates...
  • The State website will be moving to a new server prior to March.  This will require approximately 1/2 day of downtime during which the site will not be accessible.  If you have a particular time window where you MUST have the site up, please email me and we'll do our best to work around it.
  • Church Activities Director Michael Grudzinski has updated the Msgr. Mancuso Education Fund 2012 Grant Application so it can be filled out, saved, and printed using plain old Adobe Reader.
  • Finished entering Election Biographies for the upcoming Convention.
  • Corrected Fr. Engemann's spelling for Council 7130, Pierce City.

Miscellaneous Items

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Several unrelated items of interest in the last couple days:
  1. I updated all the Bishop Blast articles to PDF.  Some folks couldn't view the Powerpoint since they didn't have MS Office installed, or didn't have it configured correctly.
  2. Posted the new 2012 Athletics brochure.
  3. Noticed a huge number of hits on Archbishop Carlson's obsolete contact article (not his profile, but the prior contact system before we implemented Profiles).  Traced it down to a setup snafu in the menu system.  If you hover your mouse over "Leadership" you see Officers, Directors, etc. below.  HOWEVER, if you CLICK on the actual "Leadership" menu word, it takes you to the obsolete ABp. Carlson article.  Problem solved by changing the "Leadership" menu to a Community Builder Profile menu.  Found the same situation for "News" and "Programs", which now take you to a sitemap (category list).
  4. Posted the KC-area First Degrees thru 2012.  Check the Calendar menu.
  5. For some odd reason, the Fr. McGivney Guild article disappeared, it's fixed now.

On-line Forms

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As some of you may have noticed, we went live on the new website with a few features ... missing.  Among those things missing was the ability to submit information via on-line forms, for example the Sympathy Card Request form.

That deficiency has now been rectified.  Each Program area now has links to forms embedded in the article pages.  In addition, I have gathered all Forms into one menu item:  hover your mouse over the Programs menu, and click on "Forms".

How to deal with new MS Office formats...

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You may notice a lot of the new information on the site may not download or view properly on your comuter.  Specifically, the new Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) files have a new format denoted with a little 'x' added to the file extension.
Thus you have .docx instead of .doc Word files, .pptx instead of .ppt Power Point files, etc.

You may either update your MS Office suite to 2007 or later (that will cost you money), or you may download and install a Format Converter utility from Microsoft.  This Converter utiilty will allow you to deal with the new (x) formats using your existing MS Office software.  And it's free.

Visit to download the Converter.


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In case I forgot to mention, two things are progressing:
1. the on-line forms are being migrated (as time permits) to the new site.  Yes, there are a few missing, please be patient.
2. the Program Chairs avatars are still being updated.  My (most appreciated) web committee helpers are copying photos from the old site to the new.  If you are a state officer or charirperson, and would like to update your own photo and demographics, please LogIn and do so.  If the web committee sees you have a blank default avatar, they will migrate your photo from the old site.  Eventually.
Thanks for your patience.  If you would LIKE to help in this process, drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .