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Welcome to Church Activities!
"United in Faith, In Service to Our Church"
Here you will find the many resources, activities, and programs that will help keep Catholicism alive and vibrant in Missouri.

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Prayer For Vocations:

Heavenly Father, bless your Church with an abundance
of holy and zealous priests, deacons, brothers and
sisters. Give those you have called to the married state
and those you have chosen to live as single persons in
the world, the special graces that their lives require.
Form us all in the likeness of your Son so that in him,
with him and through him we may love you more deeply
and serve you more faithfully, always and everywhere.
With Mary we ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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Vocations Are Everybody’s Business

Every Catholic is called to some vocation. Most are called to the vocation of marriage while some are called to live a single life; but there are some specially chosen ones who are called to various Religious Vocations. The Lord calls a select number of men to the Priesthood. He also calls certain men and women to Religious Vocations such as the Permanent Diaconate, Monastic life or to become a Bride of Christ as a Religious Sister. What can you and your council do to help those chosen ones in answering the call to a Religious Vocation?

  • Awareness - Explain the meanings of the different vocations to everyone, but especially to young people.
    • Encourage parents to promote Religious Vocations to their children
    • Promote Diocesan Vocations programs.  Check with your Diocesan Chairman for programs and events in your area.
    • Ask eligible persons if they have ever considered a Religious Vocation
  • Prayer - Through God all things are possible. We just need to ask.
    • Pray individually and as a Council for Religious Vocations Awareness.  Begin or end each Council meeting with the Prayer for Vocations.
  • Action - How we can support those who want to explore their religious calling.
    • Donate generously to the Religious Vocations Fund.  The suggested donation for a council is $0.50 per member, but $1.00 per member would go even further in advancing our goals.
    • Work with your Diocesan Chairman in order to help support seminarians through programs such as the Adopt-a-Seminarian Program and the RSVP Program.
    • Partner with other lay organizations that provide support for vocations, such as Serra.   Visit http://www.serraus.org for imformation about Serra Clubs in your area.  Many Knights are members of Serra and can serve as useful resources.

Your Actions Today will Pay Great Dividends Tomorrow!


In Your Diocese

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Vocations Programs - Diocesan Chairmen

Your first step in promoting Religious Vocations is to name a Vocations Chair for your Council, Auxiliary, or Assembly.  Then make sure they contact the State Diocesan Chairman who covers your Diocese from the list below. These Chairmen are committed to helping you promote Religious Vocations, as well as providing information on how you can support those from your Diocese in the process of discernment. They will also have information on many different Vocations programs specific to your Diocese.

St. Louis Archdiocese

  • Stan Mengwasser    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Springfield / Cape Girardeau Diocese

  • James Eberhard     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kansas City / St. Joseph Diocese

  • Mike Tesmer    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jefferson City Diocese

  • David Kiesling     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RSVP Program

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Please use the Supreme Council's Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP), especially in providing financial support to those you assist through the Adopt-A-Seminarian Program.  For every $500 donated to an individual Seminarian, Postulant or Novice, the Supreme Council will send the Council or Assembly $100.  Please consider sending your $100 refund check to the Missouri Religious Vocations Fund.  Please remember to send a copy of your RSVP report to the Vocations Chairman for your Diocese.  Missouri Councils have done a great job in recent years in supporting Seminarians and using the RSVP Program.  Let's keep up the good work!


Vocations Fund

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Is the future of our Church worth $0.50 to you? Is it worth $1.00? Each year we ask councils to make a donation to the Missouri Religious Vocations Fund (MRVF). The funds raised are then distributed equally to Vocations Programs in each Diocese in Missouri. This year’s goal has been set at $15,000. We can easily achieve this if every Council, Assembly and Auxiliary would donate $0.50 per member, or at least $25 for smaller councils. However, why not show that you are truly committed to the future of our Church by donating $1.00 per member?  It is highly recommended that Councils donate the $100 refund check from the Supreme Council's RSVP Program to the MRVF.

Some councils make donations directly to Kenrick-Glennon or Conception Seminary College.  If so, please send us a letter informing us of your donation.  And when you send in your letter, please consider making at least a small donation to this fund which promotes Diocesan Vocations Programs throughout Missouri.

For donations to the Missouri Religious Vocations Fund, please make checks payable to: "Columbian Charities".

Bob Elbert  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Religious Vocations Fund Chairman
7145 Hwy. YY, Washington, MO 63090


    Would you like to have a personalized Missouri Knights of Columbus license plate for your vehicle? A $25 donation (for 1 year) or $50 donation (for 2 years) is all it takes. This money goes into the MRVF, so not only will you be showing your pride in the Knights, but you will be helping out vocations as well!

To view a sample plate visit the Missouri Department of Revenue website at:
Click "Preview Specialty Plates" --> "Select Design Category" --> "Speciality" --> "Select Plate" --> "Knights of Columbus"

NOTE: Per the MO-DMV site......At this time, Speciality license plates MUST be renewed by mail or ot a Missouri license office

To receive an “Emblem Use Authorization Statement” to take with you when your register your vehicle, please fill out and mail this application form along with your donation.