RSVP Program

Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in RSVP

 Under the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP), Knights of Columbus councils or assemblies make an annual contribution of $500 or more to an individual seminarian or novice to help with their personal expenses and then receives a refund of $100 back from the Supreme Council, once the paperwork is submitted.

Councils and assemblies can sponsor more than one seminarian or novice if their resources permit. In each case, the minimum annual contribution is $500. The RSVP is unique in that funds go directly to the recipient. The donation is not intended to cover the cost of education; rather these funds are for the recipient to use for his or her personal needs. Be sure to see the Supreme guidelines for eligibility or check with your Diocesan Chairman for guidance. 

The RSVP does include men and women who are novices or postulants in religious orders or communities. Your Diocesan Chairman will be the focal for this program and will be able to assign you a recipient.

A Council can start “tithing” $42 a month, at the beginning of the fraternal year, to have the $500 available by the end of the fraternal year. This would be a great way to have your Council focus on vocations. Besides just financial support, the RSVP does require you to provide moral support. See Supreme form #2863 for more information and be sure to send a copy to your Diocesan Chairman.

If you are currently supporting a seminarian, be sure to let your Diocesan Chairman know so he can assign this seminarian to you in the Adopt-a-Seminarian program. The Diocesan Chairman will then notify the Diocese Vocations office as they need to know what seminarians are supported. Suggestions for the $100 you receive back from Supreme would be:

  • Good - Use the money to start the fund for your next RSVP recipient
  • Better - Send the money to the recipient
  • * Best - Donate the money to the Missouri Religious Vocations Fund!