Vocations Fund

Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in Vocational Fund


This fund was established to provide financial assistance to all four Diocese’s in the state of Missouri. Our ask is that each Council, Assembly or Ladies Auxiliary prayerfully consider $.50 per member, or more, to this fund.

Our Dioceses are gaining seminarians, which is a great thing, but finances to support these men are scarce. It would be fantastic if the Missouri Knights took this issue on, as we have taken on the cause for the unborn and support this fund. The goal this year is $15,000, and I know you will come through.

If you do use the RSVP, please donate the $100 turnaround from the Supreme Council to this fund. This is the Best way you can turn this refund around. Checks can be made out to “Columbian Charities”, be sure to mention that the monies go to the MRVF. You can send the monies to the MRVF Chairman, Joe Stoverink.

Please note that the Missouri Religious Vocations Fund (MRVF) and the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) are two separate programs and we encourage your participation in both!

Joe Stoverink  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    Would you like to have a personalized Missouri Knights of Columbus license plate for your vehicle? A $25 donation (for 1 year) or $50 donation (for 2 years) is all it takes. This money goes into the MRVF, so not only will you be showing your pride in the Knights, but you will be helping out vocations as well!

To receive an “Emblem Use Authorization Statement” to take with you when your register your vehicle, please fill out and mail this application form along with your donation.