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Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in Legislation

Missouri Catholic Conference

We are living in an unprecedented time in terms of how the relationship between the Church and State is beginning to change. We need to keep abreast of this legislation affecting us as Catholics.

We are blessed to have the Missouri Catholic Conference monitoring the political activities within our state. We encourage all Knights to sign up for email updates sent out by the MCC, but we also recommend that you have a system in place where you can pass along information provided by the MCC to every member of your council. You can also visit the MCC website at http://www.mocatholic.org

At this critical point in time we need to stay informed, but also need to be ready to let our voices be heard in Washington, D.C. and Jefferson City.

Dennis Buchheit   Legislative Chairman     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.