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An important part of our Life Services program is our partnership with the American Wheelchair Mission, which provides brand new wheelchairs to people in need of Hope, Mobility, Freedom and Independence. Due to the generosity of Knights throughout the U.S., thousands of wheelchairs have been donated around the globe. A donation of as little as $150 will help deliver a wheelchair to someone in need.

Please consider holding a “Wheelchair Sunday” drive this year! See the brochure below telling you how!

Wheelchair Sunday Brochure
Wheelchair Donor Form




The Agape (pronounced ah-gah-pay) House provides families of prisoners a place to stay overnight when they are visiting family members who are incarcerated. Agape, which translated means “Christian Love,” treats all of their guests with respect, love and caring. Each Council, Assembly and Auxiliary is asked to donate $50 to this worthwhile cause. Make checks payable to: “Columbian Charities” and note Prison Concern in the memo line.





Did you know . . . in 1938 the Knights of Columbus was the first national organization to establish a blood donor program to be implemented throughout the Order. Knights continue to support this live-giving program today, but we need your help in reporting blood donations. Please schedule a drive of your own, or support one scheduled in your area, and then send in a report on the number of units collected.

Blood Drive Report Form (on-line)

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