Food For Families / Coats for Kids

Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in Food For Families


Food for Families

All councils are encouraged to conduct a food drive for their local food pantry or soup kitchen, and follow the guidelines set forth in the Food For Families Program. For every $500 or 1000 pounds of food donated to your local food pantry or soup kitchen, the Supreme Council will send the council or assembly a $100 rebate! Participating councils and assemblies need to fill out Form #10057 in order to receive their rebate. This form is available on the State Website under the Community Activities area, or on the Supreme website.

Coats for Kids

Termed the "Gift of Warmth," the Supreme Coats for Kids Program gives every Council an economical opportunity to distribute coats to boys in girls in their own community. This year the State Council is challenging every Council to raise $440 to purchase at least one case of boys and girls coats. With that challenge, each Council would provide 24 children a warm coat, and a total of more than 6000 coats to children in the state of Missouri.

Why Should My Council Participate?

Not only will the donations collected help those in need, but community and parish drives will also help to raise awareness among our neighbors that there are members in their own community in need of help; plus that the Knights are there, and will always be there, to lend a helping hand to persons in need.

For more information:

Tom Caffrey   Food For Families Chairman    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.