Welcome (Council Activities)

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Welcome to Council Activities


The theme is simple, “Giving Councils opportunity to “Do More” through programs designed for Communications, Family, Fraternity, and Remembrance.

Our Website, Constant Contact, and Mariner provide information necessary to achieve our goals as Knights. What a better way to spread the word about our organization than thru these wonderful works of communication.

Ladies Auxiliaries allow councils to grow and achieve much higher because of the family values demonstrated by these Knights and Ladies. Their motto: Helping Knights Help Others, is demonstrated when Ladies work side by side with the Knights to accomplish their programs and membership goals.

Knights of Columbus are known for their charitable works, the Meet Life Campaign, the Religious etc.
It is just as important for these Councils to have FUN and to bring excitement and entertainment to our Knights. We can do this with our State Sporting Activities: Softball, Golf, Horseshoes, Bowling, and Sporting Clay just to name a few.  We also can bring joy to our Councils with our Knights of Columbus Clown Clubs.

We want to remember those who have gone before us, who set this path we follow, our Sympathy Chairman keeps track and notifies families of those we have lost. The State Historian, can save priceless artifacts, and important documents that track our rich History as a State Council. Finally, we would not exist today if not for our founder Fr. Michael J McGivney and his vision. We as Knights strive and pray for his Canonization and we do this through the Fr. Michael J. McGivney Guild.

Jerry Herbert, Council Activities Director     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Participating in the sporting events sanctioned by the Missouri State Council of the Knights of Columbus is a wonderful way to re-kindle old friendships and start new ones. It’s a great family get away for a weekend not to mention the bragging rights for placing in the event.

Upcoming Events (download the State Athletics Flyer) :ATHLETICS

Date Event Name Location / Host Other Info
October 18-19  
October 25-26
State Bowling Tournament Town & Country Lanes
Washington, MO
Host: Fr. Seisl Council # 1121
Contact :
Ed Chwascinski (636-239-5133)

Entry Form / Rules
Letter to Grand Knights
June 27-28, 2015 State Softball Tournament Ozzie Smith Sports Complex
O'Fallon, MO
Host Council: Harvester #9625
John Breneman
TBD July State Golf

Entry Form


August 15 - 16 State Horseshoe Tournament Location: Leopold, MO



September 19 State Sporting Clay / Trap Shoot Blackhawk Valley Hunting Club
Old Monroe, MO


Further information on events will be posted as they become available, check back here often.

Here is a Statement from the Athletics Chairman showing in detail all 2013 events, and also where the charitable funds were applied  As you can see, Athletics participation and sponsorship are making a real impact in Missouri!

For Information or Questions about Hosting an Athletics Event, contact:   

Ennis Wm. Hinkebein II   State Athletics Chairman  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sympathy Cards

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The Missouri State Sympathy Card Program was instituted to comfort and console the loved ones of a departed brother.  A Sympathy Card is sent from the State Council, and (optionally) the deceased can be listed on the State Memorial Board.

 On Line Sympathy Card Request

pdficon  Print & mail Sympathy Card Request


For more information contact:

Mike Jarrett, Sympathy Card Chairman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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PHONE AND FAX NUMBER IS: 573-547-5561 • OUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mariner material should be in the office of the Mariner Editor, 23 South West St., Perryville, Missouri 63775, ON OR BEFORE each deadline date. A common error made by persons submitting copy for publication is that of writing or
mailing the material on the deadline date. This means the material will not reach the editor in time for publication. Please allow two or three days prior to the actual deadline for the articles or photos to reach the editor's desk if you are sending via regular mail. If you are submitting by Fax, or by E-mail, you have until the deadline date to send it to us. Our address, phone and fax number, and E-mail address is listed above.

All articles sent by regular mail, or by fax, we would prefer being typewritten (and in caps and lower case if at all possible), in order for us to avoid as much mis-spelling of members names, places, etc., as possible. However, if you are unable to type, please write or hand-print your copy as legible as possible to avoid typographical errors. With this latter thought in mind, we have had many District Deputies and/or Chairmen who fell into that category of not being able to type, but they still did a fantastic job of making their copy legible. If you send your article via fax machine, please take precautions to make sure that we received it in good condition. If you receive an "alarm" on the fax machine you are using, re-send it. If you submit your article via E-mail, please do so in a basic Microsoft Word Format. However, if you do not have a Word Format program, just type your article in the form of an email, and we may be able to convert it. Also, if you ask for a returned e-mail as confirmation that we received it, we will be more than happy to respond.

Pictures submitted should be in positive form if you submit by regular mail. It can be a colored print; it can be a polaroid/instamatic print; it can be a digital print. But please remember WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! IF YOU ARE USING A CAMERA PHONE OR DIGITAL CAMERA, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE PHOTO OF YOUR SUBJECT AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE. THE LARGER THE ENLARGEMENT, THE GRAINER THE SUBJECT. YOU CANNOT SEND A PHOTO VIA FAX, NOR DO WE WANT A COPY-MACHINE PRINT OR PHOTO COPY FROM A DIGITAL PRINTER. If you submit a photo via e-mail, please provide it in JPEG format, and limit the size that you send to no larger than 8x10.

It is most important that all photos be properly identified, and please try to answer the basic 5-"W" questions in your copy: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY. Again, please avoid a larger size than a 8x10. We can enlarge or reduce to fit proper spacing.

Regardless of how you submit photos PLEASE try to submit a good photo for publication. We've had several cases where a member will cut a photo out of a local newspaper and try to submit it for publication. Some of these are just so badly reproduced in the local newspaper that we can't do anything with them.

Councils wanting articles/photos featured must go through their District Deputy, a State Council Officer, Director, or Chairman. If you send articles to your District Deputy, and they still do not get published in the Mariner, the Grand Knight should "drop me a line" at the address above, and I'll look into why your articles are not being forwarded.

- SEPTEMBER 5 2014 (Sept.)
– NOVEMBER 5, 2014 (Dec.)
– MARCH 5, 2015 (April)
– MAY 5, 2015 (June)


The MARINER mailing list is handled through the Supreme Council. IF YOU HAVE A CHANGE OF ADDRESS, YOU MUST NOTIFY YOUR COUNCIL FINANCIAL SECRETARY. The Financial  Secretary of your Council must send all address changes in to the Supreme Office before they will be changed. The Supreme Office will only accept changes from your Council Financial Secretary. If you are having trouble receiving your MARINER, have your Council Financial Secretary find out the reason why.


For more information, contact:
Ken Wehmeyer, Mariner Editor   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ladies Auxiliary

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The Ladies Auxiliary program has acquired its own Program page.
All content, information, forms, instructions, and programs are available here.