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After many years, the Missouri Knights of Columbus will have its own museum. Council 1054·in Jefferson City have allocated a room that will hold the collection of material for the State Council archives. Over the last few years many items dealing with the Missouri State Council have been collected and now we have a place to properly store this collection.

The records archive for the State Council of the Knights of Columbus is located in the library at St. Louis University in St. Louis (SLU). We are working on the records of the State Council first and as space allows we will look at milestones of our councils. If you have any material that concerns the State Council contact the state historian as to the best way to get the information to him. The information will then be scanned and placed on a thumb drive (external hard drive) and then the document will be sent on to SLU for archiving.

Included at SLU we will keep the minutes from the state conventions of the Columbian Squires and the Columbus Girls, Ladies Auxiliaries. The minutes from the bi-annual Fourth degree meeting and the exemplifications held and the minutes from the State Officers meetings and the Columbian Charities meetings.

To help your Council maintain its long-term records, it is suggested that the Grand Knight consider appointing a Council Historian. Council should also consider making donations of historical nature to our State Archive as well.

When all is completed you will be able to e-mail the historian for information and he should be able to e-mail you back what you had requested.

For further information, please contact:
David Kiesling, Historian     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     Blog