Family of the Month

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The purpose ofthe Family of the Month program is to recognize the outstanding families of your Council who are active in the Church, Community and Council. The family (Knight, wife and children; however if there are no children, Knight and wife are still eligible) should exemplify an involved, active and faith based Catholic family.

Councils have expressed concern about singling out a specific family for the award. While each council may have numerous outstanding families, there is plenty of opportunities to recognize each ofthem. More than one application can be submitted each time and there are six opportunities for submission per year.

State Family of the Month Application (on-line)
State Family of the Month Application (PDF)
State Family of the Month Application (Docx)

Each Council should honor the selected Families of the Month at a Council event. Present the Family with a Family of the Month certificate (Form #1843) or some other form of recognition. At the end of the year each Council should select a Family of the Year from the monthly Family of the Month winners.

For more information contact:
Bobby Abney, State Family Recognition Chairman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Each month during the Fraternal Year a family's name may be submitted to the Supreme Council on the  form provided in the Supreme "Family of the Month" program booklet provided to each Grand Knight and Family Director. At the Supreme office each month they will draw 100 names from those submitted by the Councils. Those families drawn will receive a beautiful Holy Family statue along with a letter of congratulations from Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson.

Knight of the Month

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Recognition of those members whose efforts allow the Council to be successful in its projects is crucial to continued success. The Supreme Council's Supply Catalog contains numerous certificates, plaques, pins and awards to acknowledge members, wives, community leaders and other supporters. Take advantage of these awards to further your Council's programming efforts.

Give A Deserving Member of Your Council The Opportunity to Be Selected and Featured in Next Year's Manual.

Eligibility:  Must be a member in Good Standing. State Officers, State Directors, State Chairmen, District Deputies, and Grand Knights are NOT ELIGIBLE

The Deadline Dates for 2014-2015 Are:

  • JUNE / JULY   (Due by July 31st)
  • AUGUST / SEPTEMBER   (Due by September 30th)
  • OCTOBER / NOVEMBER   (Due by November 30th)
  • DECEMBER / JANUARY   (Due by January 31st)
  • FEBRUARY / MARCH   (Due by March 31st)
  • APRIL / MAY   (Due by May 31st)

Fill Out and Send In A Knight of the Month Application:

For more information, contact:

Bobby Abney, Family Recognition Chairman  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Youth of the Month

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1.  Eligibility:  Must be the son or daughter of a Knight/Lady in good standing or be a Squire or Columbus Girl.

2.  Age: The participants must be under the age of 18.  The student must be of good academic standing in either a public or private school.

3.  Catholic Activities: The nominee must be a practicing Catholic in good standing. The nominee should be of good moral standing and participate actively in parish or diocese activities supporting the Catholic Church. This may include such activities as participation as an alter server, babysitting during mass, service during fundraising activities, participation in retreats, etc.

4.  Community Activities: The nominee must participate in community charitable or service activities. This can include working with charities such as St. Vincent DePaul, Goodwill, Meals on Wheels, etc. The nominee can also participate in individual activities such as aiding the elderly, aiding the sick, aiding persons who are confined to home or tutoring.

5.  School Activities: The nominee should also be active in some extracurricular school activities. This can include sports, music, theater, special interest clubs, etc.

6.  Nomination Procedures: A maximum of six awards will be presented during the Fraternal Year of the State Council. There is no limitation on the number of nominations presented by a council. The nomination must come from the Youth Activities Director or Grand Knight of the council and should include: full name, contact information (address, phone, and email), age, grade, school, and a description of the nominee’s participation in 3-5 above. Nominations are to be submitted electronically via the State website Forms page (links below) by the deadline for each applicable award period.
7. Award: The award periods and deadlines are:  Jul/Aug due prior to July 1; Sep/Oct due prior to Sep 1; Nov/Dec due prior to Nov 1; Jan/Feb due prior to Jan 1; Mar/Apr due prior to Mar 1 and May/Jun due prior to May 1.  The Youth of the Month recipients will receive a certificate during presentation of the award.  A State Youth of the Year will be selected from the six State Youth of the Month recipients (May/Jun through Mar/Apr) and will be presented at the State Convention held in April.

Youth of the Month Nomination Form :

Bobby Abney, Family Recognition Chairman  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.