Family of the Month

Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in Family of the Month

The purpose ofthe Family of the Month program is to recognize the outstanding families of your Council who are active in the Church, Community and Council. The family (Knight, wife and children; however if there are no children, Knight and wife are still eligible) should exemplify an involved, active and faith based Catholic family.

Councils have expressed concern about singling out a specific family for the award. While each council may have numerous outstanding families, there is plenty of opportunities to recognize each of them. More than one application can be submitted each time and there are six opportunities for submission per year.

State Family of the Month Application (on-line)
State Family of the Month Application (PDF)
State Family of the Month Application (Docx)

Each Council should honor the selected Families of the Month at a Council event. Present the Family with a Family of the Month certificate (Form #1843) or some other form of recognition. At the end of the year each Council should select a Family of the Year from the monthly Family of the Month winners.

For more information contact:
Bobby Abney, State Family Recognition Chairman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.