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Michael B. Auchly (#2044)     
Youth Director
85 Bundy Lane
Montgomery City, MO 63361
Phone: (D) 636-745-3351 Ext. 1321 (N) 636-448-1314      
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Nominees must be under age 18, and be the son or daughter of a Knight in good standing or be a Squire or Columbus Girl.
Application deadlines are: July 1, September 1, November 1, January 1, March 1, & May 1
There is no limit on the number of applications per council per month.

The purpose of the Columbian Squires and Columbus Girls is to provide our young men and ladies an opportunity in life for Leadership training, Spiritual and Moral Guidance needed to succeed in our world today. A Catholic organization, which recruits those young adults 10-17 years old, who are willing to continue their faith while learning Leadership Skills and Character Building which will help them both in High School and College. We have four standing committees: Service Activities, Spiritual Activities, Membership Activities, and Circle Activities. Each must plan, organize and complete at least four programs during the year. Service Activities get them involved in our community. Spiritual and Membership involve our Church and bringing in new members. Circle Activities conducts programs for members to get to know one another better as friends. Its primary purposes are to promote brotherhood and fellowship through social and athletic programs. It is also responsible for fund-raising and public relations.

Each circle must run its own activities and control their own financial health and budget.

We teach them the 10 Attitudes of leadership.

  1. Interest and Leadership - Let them know you really want to attain success.
  2. Sincerity - Be honest and frank
  3. Seriousness - Set the pace for the work which needs to be done
  4. Consistency - Maintain a sense of controlled urgency.
  5. Expect Excellence - Always keep goals just one step ahead of your achievements.
  6. Spiritual Motivation - Develop a source of future leadership for the Church.
  7. Understanding - Win and maintain confidence during a time of turmoil in many youth
  8. Patience - With mistakes in judgment and know how to criticize constructively
  9. Wisdom - A good leader quietly meets the spiritual and material needs of his followers.
  10. Sense of Humor -  Being able to laugh at oneself, and knowing how to laugh with others
We need Knights and Ladies to come forth and help us to recruit and start new Circles. Our Future Leaders are just waiting for us to get them started and a chance to prove themselves. Please contact our Columbian Squires and Columbus Girls chairman and get a Circle going in your area. We need to have our Youth more visible and involved.

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