Supreme Awards

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Fraternal Year July 1, 2014 Through June 30, 2015

The first requirement for the Columbian, Founders’ and Father McGivney Awards (Star Council Designation), is to complete and submit the Service Program Form (#365-NC) to Supreme Service Department by August 1, 2014. This form is available in the Council Report Forms Booklet which is included each year with the “Surge With Service” package sent to each Council. This form may also be found online at

Father McGivney Award

Recognizes Councils who achieve a membership increase quota of 7% new net membership. Net = new recruitment minus suspensions.

Founders’ Award

Recognizes Councils who achieve an insurance membership increase of 2.5%, with a minimum of 3 new net insurance members.

Star Council Award

This prestigious award is presented to Councils who have qualified for the Columbian, McGivney and Founders’ Awards, and submitted all required reports.

Century Club Award

Record a net membership increase of 100 new members.

Distribution of 2014—2015 Awards: Star Council, Columbian, Fr. McGivney and Founders’ awards will be forwarded to the District Deputy of record for 2014—2015, who will arrange for presentation. If the Council attains only the Founders’ Award, the award will be forwarded to the appropriate General Agent for presentation. Century Club Awards will be sent to the State Deputy of record for 2014—2015.

Contest of Champion: One award is presented to the Council in the Missouri jurisdiction that shows the highest percentage of membership quota attained, and one is presented to the Council that shows the highest number of additions over deductions recorded.

Columbian Award

Requirements: Conduct and report four major involvement programs in each of the Church, Community, Council, Family, Youth and Pro-Life Activities.

If your council fulfills the following activities, that single act fulfill the entire requirement.

  • Sponsorship of a Columbian Squire Circle in good standing fulfills all four youth activity requirements
  • Sponsorship of a Parish Round Table programs fulfills all four Church Activity requirements

Two forms are necessary to satisfy reporting requirements for this award:

  • The Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity Report (#1728) must be completed and submitted to the Supreme Council by January 31, 2014.
  • The Columbian Award Application (#SP-7), listing all programs conducted in each of the six programming areas, must reach the Supreme Office by June 30, 2014.
  • Both forms are found in the Council Report Forms booklet and online at
    • The Columbian Award will not be presented to any council which has not met all the necessary qualifications, including submission of the appropriate application form.