Religious Information Bureau

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Religious Information Bureau

"Doing More to Spread the Word in the 21st Century"



Missouri Knights United in Evangelization

The Religious Information Bureau (R.I.B.) was founded several decades ago in order to help non-Catholics learn about the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. This was especially important in a time in which anti-Catholic bias was present in both religious and secular media. Today the R.I.B. continues to by help others learn more about our Church and its teachings. Non-Catholics might take the Home Study Courses through the Catholic Home Study Service in order to learn about Catholicism prior to joining the Church. Catholics also take the Home Study Courses in order to expand their knowledge of Church teachings and the Bible. Through the R.I.B. people can obtain informational pamphlets on various topics related to our Faith. All of these things help our Order's evangelization efforts on behalf of our Church. We want as many people as possible take advantage of this these materials and services, but with more success comes more expenses. Your donations to the Religious Information Bureau are the key to the continued success of this Program.

Another key piece of the puzzle is getting the word out regarding this incredible program.  To do that, we have purchased billboard space at strategic spots throughout the state.  Look for one of these boards during your travels on our state's roadways.  Click on the link below for a map that shows where all of the billboards are located:

Billboard Map

For more information contact:

John Mautino, RIB Director   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.