R. I. B. Awards

Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in RIB Awards

Awards for the Year 2015 - 2016

Council Awards: Each Council achieving 100% of their quota will receive a silver plate, and Councils achieving 125% or more of their quota will receive a gold plate, to affix to the Council's R.I.B. Achievement Award plaque. Councils achieving 125% of quota will also be honored with the R.I.B. Apostolate Cross pin.

Special Recognition: All Councils achieving at least 100% of its quota by March 31, 2016 will be inducted into the Circle of Honor Society for the current year, and will receive a Commemorative Certificate of Recognition. The Council's name will be inscribed with all other Councils attaining this award, and will be on display at the State Convention.  Grand Knights whose Councils have attained 125% of their quota will be honored with the R.I.B. Apostolate Cross pin.

A "Special" Plaque will be awarded for the following achievments:

  • Highest Percentage Per Member
  • Highest Gross Amount Donated By An Individual Council
  • Highest Dollar Amount Donated Over Quota

Ladies Auxiliaries: Each Ladies Auxiliary that meets the quotas established under Council Awards will receive the same awards.  The exception being that the pin will be the Ladies R.I.B. Apostolate Cross pin.

District Deputies: In appreciation of their efforts, the Apostolate Cross pin will be awarded to the District Deputies whose Districts attain at least 100% of their cumulative quota.