Baby Bottle Campaign

Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in Baby Bottle Campaign

 Missouri Knights of Columbus

 “MEET LIFE” Baby Bottle Campaign

The Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus have always been leaders in respecting the lives of the unborn. The Baby Bottle Campaign is an easy and effective way to raise funds for the Meet Life Campaign helping to reduce the number of abortions and place ultrasound machines in pregnancy resource centers throughout the State of Missouri by the end of 2016. We need every Council and Auxiliary to join us on this "MEET LIFE Baby Bottle Campaign.

Guidelines for a successful fund raiser: 

  • First, meet with your pastor to gain his approval and to set a tentative date for the campaign and share with him everything the Knights have done in the campaign and how successful we have been.
  • Request bottles from a Baby Bottle Board diocese coordinator. There are four (4) separate Boards formed within the state each being responsible for the Councils in their respective diocese. These boards are known as:
    • Baby Bottle Board of Metro St. Louis
      • Members: Bob Thalhammer–2951, Matt Nowak–1121, Brian Rash–11139, Dale Werner–14402
    • Baby Bottle Board of Kansas City
      • Members: Larry Pearce-4613, Mike Jarrett-4962, David Chapman-14972
    • Baby Bottle Board of Jefferson City
      • Members: Richard Wieberg-1171, Mitch Passini-2627, Brett Witte-1752
    • Baby Bottle Board of Springfield/Cape Girardeau
      • Members: David Buckley–10200, John Nabity–12650, Dr Milton Eichmann–1706, Brian Ziegler–6420
    • These boards are to be used to encourage and assist Knights of Columbus Councils conducting a successful Baby Bottle Campaign in their Parishes
  • Select a Knight who is comfortable with public speaking to make a pulpit presentation
  • Place a full page ad in the church bulletin the week before the presentation
  • Make sure you have several Knights to hand out bottles after Mass
  • Distribute bottles to your church organizations (the Parish school, PSR, Scouts, etc., and don't forget the Ladies Auxiliary)
  • Use your bulletin for reminders to bring their bottles back on a designated date bottles (around four weeks) and have Knights in the back of church to receive the bottles
  • When the Campaign is over please return the bottles to your diocesan coordinator
    • Keep in mind bottles will continue to trickle in so make a plan to get remaining funds turned in
  • Make your check payable to Columbian Charities of Missouri Inc. and mail to Meet Life Coordinator Lou Holtmann

For more information:
Ed Spence, Baby Bottle Campaign Chairman   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.