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Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in Welcome

BE a Knight to Today's Youth

As the Knights work to increase our ranks, we must never forget the young men and women who may someday be a member of the Knights of Columbus or Ladies Auxiliary. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to develop and promote programs for youth in your council. These young people will be the next leaders of the Knights of Columbus and it is our duty to create a fun, challenging growth experience for them and their faith.

The great jurisdiction of Missouri has an outstanding Youth Activities Program with a strong history of successful programs. We have had multiple International winners throughout the years and we will continue to support and promote them in their efforts to reach such high accomplishments during this fraternal year.

But if this is to continue, you and your council must actively take steps to ensure the participation and success of our youth. First and foremost we have to support and sponsor the programs. Through the essay, poster, soccer, free throws, Squires, Columbus Girls, and scholarship programs you and your council should easily find the most if not all of these programs are easy to sponsor.

These programs need your commitment to publicize and promote them in your local communities, parishes, and schools. The more effort put forth the more return for your investment of time will result. Take a good look at your roster and choose one or more Knights who will take a genuine interest in these youth programs. An interested adult leader will help develop these youngsters into tomorrow's leaders.

With all the things trying to lure our youth towards less than moral choices, our youth need us and our programs now more than ever to develop them into a leader for tomorrow.

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