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State Council Website

I am thrilled to serve as your full time Website Coordinator. The intention for this year is to keep moving forward on the foundation built by our past webmasters, but also toward integrating new and exciting things into our website, not just for State Council use, but also to benefit the local councils as well. 

You should see some new online forms for information gathering, new and fresher pages for the committee chairman, and more concise ways to get the information you need to grow and excite our members.

One of the main initiatives for the upcoming fraternal year is the rollout of UKnight Interactive to the State Council site and to the local councils. Those of you who were at the convention in April may have seen a presentation about this exciting new tool. The intent is to provide an easy to use web tool for all councils to utilize, and to maintain a consistent look and feel across the board. This will enable us to build our “brand” and “sell” it to prospective members. Grand Knights, be looking in your e-mail soon for information about how to get started with this wonderful program. If any of you need someone to come talk to your council about this initiative, let me know and I’d be happy to try and schedule some time for a visit.

Don’t forget about the wonderful communication tools that are available to everyone. The monthly State Newsletter is published exclusively on the website. The Mariner, the greatest State Council publication in the order, is also now available online.

Also, District Deputies and Grand Knights, when you have a 1st Degree scheduled, please submit them to me via e-mail. This will ensure that they get on the State Council calendar, and may attract more members to attend your degree!!

If anyone has any ideas on what they’d like to see on the website, I’m all ears. Send any questions and/or comments to either of the e-mail address listed below.

The State Web Site is maintained by:
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