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Welcome to the LadiesAuxiliaryLogoMissouri State Ladies Auxiliary Page!

KofC Ladies Auxiliary

"Helping Knights Help Others"

The objectives of the Ladies Auxiliary shall be:

  1. To promote sociability among the members.
  2. To assist in promoting the welfare of the Missouri State Council of the Knights of Columbus.
  3. To promote charitable activities.

The Ladies function both as an Auxiliary and alongside the Knights to exemplify the motto "Helping Knights Help Others". The Ladies Auxiliaries help to promote spiritual and social well-being of the Knights, Ladies, and families. They also provide opportunity to form friendships and serve Christ by serving our Church, community, and each other.

One goal for the State Chair Couple to start new Auxiliaries. When a new Council or Assembly is formed this is a great opportunity to start an Auxiliary. Some Councils may be well established and are now considering a Ladies Auxiliary. Here are just a few of the benefits and some information about our Ladies. Across the State we have 98 Auxiliaries with 3,324 members. At the 2015 Convention these numbers were collected and tabulated:

  • Volunteer Hours: 216,020 hours
  • Grand Total Donations: $277,095

Another goal is to keep the existing Ladies Auxiliaries active and informed. If you are a Council or Assembly with an existing Ladies Auxiliary, please reach out to your Ladies Auxiliary and make sure you are working together whenever possible. Please encourage your Auxiliaries to attend the Area Meetings. These meetings are the time when Presidents and their board members have a chance to talk with other Auxiliaries in their areas. This is also an opportunity for them to learn and share and receive information and guidelines concerning State forms.

District Deputies, Grand Knights, and Faithful Navigators, please include the Ladies in your semi-annual District Deputy meetings. The Ladies depend on you to bring information back from State, such as the State Directory and Program Manuals, awards and certificates not distributed at State Convention, and any new State programs or initiatives. Please also reach out to the Ladies Auxiliaries to see if you can assist with any functions or if they can help you. Do not forget they are great social planners and recruitment tool for your Councils and Assemblies.

Thank you everyone for how your assistance this past year. Congratulations to all the new Council and Assembly Officers and District Deputies. We look forward to working with all of you and wish everyone a blessed fraternal year.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email or call any time.

John and Julie Clarke, State Auxiliary Chaircouple  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone (John): 417-880-4292
Phone (Julie): 417-880-4220