RIB Goals

Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in RIB Goals

Our 2014-2015 Goal is $285,000.00

Every Missouri Knight Can Help Us Reach this Goal

We ask that every Knight in Missouri to follow the state's request and donate to the Religious Information Bureau by giving at least $7.50 through its Council.  Each member of the Ladies Auxiliary is asked to give $3.75.  Clown Clubs, Fourth Degree Assemblies, Columbian Squires, and Columbus Girls are asked to donate to this worthwhile program.  With a 100% participation from the 42,000 Knights in Missouri we would raise $315,000.  Add $15,000 from the Ladies Auxiliaries and the total grows to $330,000.

How Councils can achieve their Goal

  • Have an R.I.B. donation included with your Council or Auxiliary dues.

  • All Missouri Councils hold various fundraisers through the year. Dedicate the funds from a specific fundraiser to the R.I.B. This will help your Council exceed its quota.

  • Earn a $50 credit for your Council by displaying a R.I.B. Board at a public event. (This credit can only be given once each fraternal year. The application can be found on a FORMS page

  • Do what you can to raise awareness of the R.I.B.  Encourage your parish to use the Home Study Service Booklets and materials for their youth and adult education programs. Hold classes using the R.I.B. materials before, during or after Council meetings. Encourage fellow Knights and others to review the Programs materials.