Meet Life Campaign

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 Missouri Knights of Columbus

 “MEET LIFE” Baby Bottle Campaign

We can make a difference with your help! The Missouri Knights of Columbus have always been leaders in respecting the lives of the unborn. We have done a lot of good things in these past two years and now we are going to help you with a new program.

  • First, we need every Council and Auxiliary to join us on this “MEET LIFE” Baby Bottle Campaign
  • Second, we need every Council and Auxiliary to consider how many baby bottles they need
  • Third, the “MEET LIFE” Baby Bottle Campaign will unify our efforts in the State of Missouri to help finance the Ultrasound Initiative.
  • Fourth, the “MEET LIFE” Baby Bottle Campaign will urge councils and parishes to participate possible with the schools and PSR.
  • Fifth, the cost of purchasing the bottles can be taken off the monies you collect.
  • Sixth, please pray three Hail Mary’s at the end of every meeting and function, to end abortions. With your help we can save thousands of baby’s lives.

You can also let other councils or organizations use them with an agreement that if they do not return the same amount of bottles as given the cost per bottle would be $ .92 per bottle.


“MEET LIFE” Baby Bottle Campaign ORDER FORM

Please return this Order Form with check made out to Heritage House ’76, Inc.

The Baby Bottles are $110.40 per case of 120 bottles. No Shipping Charges


Council Name & Number__________________________________________

Address to ship to:_______________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code______________________________________________

Phone Number with Area Code _____________________________________

District No. ______ Number of Boxes (@ 120 Bottles per Box) ______

Contact Person________________________________________  

Design # E109SY


Mail order & Check to: Ed Spence, 2375 Wedgwood Dr. W, Florissant, Mo. 63033

He will send in all orders for the Baby Bottles and they will be sent direct to the address you provided. Orders can be sent at any time no deadline.

All monies collected from the Drive (minus your cost) should be sent to:



Columbian Charities is a 501(c)(3). Donations are tax deductible.


“MEET LIFE” Baby Bottle Campaign - How it Works

Now that you have decided to participate in the Meet Life Baby Bottle Campaign you may have some questions regarding the best way to roll out this fundraiser. Please consider the following suggestions.

-          Obtain permission from your Pastor to make a presentation at the end of each Mass on the weekend you and your Pastor decide upon.

-          Enlist several Knights to present and hand out bottles on that weekend.

-          Prepare your presentation. Depending on how much time your Pastor has allowed you, we recommend that you show all or part of the Meet Life video premiered at the state convention. If you do not have a copy of this video, contact us and we will gladly send a copy to you. If you are not able to show the video we recommend that you use the Meet Life tri-fold or flier, handing them out or placing them at the end of each pew so that it can be viewed during your presentation.  

-          Make your presentation

-          3 weeks later, collect the bottles

-          After this time, ask that reminders be made during the announcements for several weeks, asking people to bring their bottles in.

Sample presentation:
Good morning/evening, my name is _____________ and I represent the Knights of Columbus. Today, we have some very exciting news to share with you! The Missouri Knights of Columbus have launched a campaign that will effect serous change on the culture of death in our state. It is called the Meet Life Campaign. Although the plan is quite complex, the goal is simple, by the end of 2016 the number of abortions will be cut in half in our state! Yes, you heard me right . . . . . half the number of abortions. Currently in Missouri, about 10,000 innocent babies die each year from abortion. With the Meet Life Campaign, by year 2016, 5,000 of these will be saved that year and each year forward.

Part of the plan is to place 50 state of the art ultrasound machines at approved pregnancy centers across the state and provide the necessary training for each center. You have probably heard of the use of ultrasound to save babies from abortion. The statistics are amazing. 92% of the time, when an abortion minded woman meets her baby on the ultrasound screen, sees his little fingers and toes, hears his heartbeat . . . . . . she chooses life for her baby. 92% . . . . . . that is a God size number, that is a miracle.

We would like to ask you to join us today, to help us meet the goals of the Meet Life Campaign. When you leave today, you will be handed one of these (hold up bottle). We ask that you place this bottle in a prominent place in your home and each time you see it, we ask that you pray for the unborn, pray for the success of this campaign. Also, each time you see the bottle, we ask that you place your pocket change or pocket book change in it . . . . . . and by the way, I checked . . . . . bills and checks fit in these things too. In three weeks (give date) we ask that you bring your filled bottle back to Mass with you and we will collect them at the back of church.

(Hold up bottle again . . . pause) Dear friends, today, each and every one of us has the opportunity to save a life! Please join us.  

Thank you so much for your support.

We also think some parishes may want to involve the Pro-Life Committee, School Children, and PSR.

This Campaign will be an ongoing campaign to put a STOP to Abortion.

Thanks to Joe Dalton for his input.