Roses for Life

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The symbol of Life - The Rose! 

By distributing Roses and collecting signatures & donations, the Missouri Knights show their strong Pro-Life committment.  The signatures are sent to the local/state/US legislators to remind them to stay (or convert to) pro-life.  The program is held in January of each year, usually on the Sunday nearest the Jan 23 Roe-V-Wade decision.

Order for the roses should be given to your District Deputy by September 15. The costs of the roses is $15.00 per 100, and be sure to mark them with or without the KofC logo.  Some churches order the roses but do not want the K of C logo on them and we will accommodate them.  Checks must be made out to Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus and attached with the order.  These roses will be available for your District Deputy at the December meeting.

pdficon  Roses for Life Order Form


ROSES FOR LIFE WEEKEND Pulpit Announcement

<Place roses and writing instruments at the ends of each pew before mass.>

Knight of Columbus Councils across Missouri ask you to let our Government Representatives know of our support for the Pro-Life struggle. We ask you to do this by signing the Roses for Life you'll find in your pews. Over 100,000 Roses will be collected by Knights of Columbus Councils in Missouri this weekend.

Our Council will send your signed Roses to our elected Representative<you can name them here if you want> SO they'll remember the voters in their district plus the millions of Pro-Life Supporters and voters across our state and nation.

The Roses will be sent to arrive around Jan.22nd, the Fortieth Anniversary of the 1973 date the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion for any reason. Legalized abortion-although declining in Missouri because of the efforts of the Knights of Columbus, The Vitae Foundation, and people like you-kills over 4000 unborn children every day, Concerned Catholics and Pro-Life Supporters can and already do much to save the unborn from a horrible death by abortion. Along with signing your Roses, we also ask for a donation to cover the cost of the Roses and postage.

<Arrange for the ushers to pass the collection plate at church.>

Any extra money collected will help our Knights of Columbus Meet Life Campaign.
We also ask you to pray the Rosary to end abortion and to give your moral support to those people going to the March for Life in D.C. and Jefferson City this month.
Thank You, _______ , Knights of Columbus Council, _____