Poster Contest

Written by Jeff Slama. Posted in Poster Contest


We are using the Supreme Substance Abuse Awareness themes again this year, thus you will need to orderkit # SA-KIT from Supreme.  We are also using the PRO-Life theme.

Plaques will be persented for each 1st and 2nd place winners in each category and age group.  The age groups in each category will be: 

  • 8-11 years old
  • 12-14 years old

Students can enter any or all poster contest that they are qualified in.

To be considered for the State Competition, your Council winning entries MUST be received by the Poster Contest Chairman by February 28, 2014.  (Note: only submit winning entries, not all of your entries.)

Please be sure that entries submitted for the state competition are filled out completely. We encourage the councils to award certificates of participation for all entries. Certificates are available below.  Every winning entry that I receive from Councils will be presented with a Certificate of Participation from the State.

Posters must be 11” x 17” to be considered for judging at the State level.

If I can help in any way, contact me at:
Anthony Tomasich  Poster Contest Chairman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.