Youth Protection Program

Written by Kevin Hudnut. Posted in Youth Protection Program


Beginning January 1, 2015, the Supreme Council has instituted a new process of formal background checks and training for specific Youth program leaders in the Councils and Assemblies.  This new program is called the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program.

Leaders who serve as State Deputies, State Squires Chairmen, State Youth Directors, Grand Knights, Council Youth Directors, Columbian Squires Chairmen, Chief Counselors, Committee Counselors, and Faithful Navigators (if their assembly sponsors a Circle) will be contacted via e-mail to participate in the online training.

Important Update!!!

The Supreme council no longer requires Knights to complete Form 4348 - Youth Protection Form.  Instead this paperwork is part of the KoC Safe Environment Training program.

Knights who work with youth or are Squires Chairmen still are required to complete Form 468 which lists who within your council are overseeing Youth and Squire Activities

For more information regarding the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program, you can visit the Supreme website for more information by following ths link:  

For other questions, contact:

Don Allen Youth Protection Chairman   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.