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The Official Youth Organization
of the Knights of Columbus
The Official Young Ladies
Organization of the Missouri
State Council Knights of Columbus
Squires Columbus Girls Emblem

As we are asked to BE a Knight, we cannot forget the value of our sons and daughters. These young Catholic men and women face many challenges in the world today which seek to draw them away from the faith.  The lure of excitement and easy rewards with little or no responsibility make the task of living in the Catholic faith all the more challenging. At the same time, our councils sometimes encounter difficulities in getting younger Catholics interested in the work of our cherished Order.  Fortunately, there is a program within the Knights of Columbus that can help young people keep their Catholic faith, enable them to learn leadership skills while engaging them in fun service activities that introduce them to the Knights of Columbus.  

The Columbian Squires is the official youth organization of the Knights of Columbus for young men between the age of ten and eighteen.  The Columbus Girls is a program instituted by the Missouri State Council for young women in the same age group. Both the Squires and Columbus Girls are Catholic programs dedicated to promoting leadership and service for our youth. Both organizations are open to all Catholic children, not just those whose fathers are Knights or mothers are in an Auxiliary.

A new Squires or Girl's circle must be sponsored by a Council, Assembly, or Ladies Auxiliary. The circles can either be based in the council, parish, or school depending on the needs of the area. Each circle elects it's own officers, runs it's own meetings, and plans it's own events. The officers serve under the guidance of several Knights or Ladies who work as counselors for the group. Circles undertake a number of activities, including volunteering at soup kitchens, raising funds for a number of charitable institutions, praying for religious vocations, cleaning up city parks, participating in recruiting drives and having social events.

Squires Circles have been established throughout the world where the order is present. More information on the Squires can be found on the Supreme Council website at www.kofc.org. Columbus Girls Circles are active throughout the state of Missouri. Please contact me if you are interested in forming a circle in either organization.

Don Allen    Chairman Columbian Squires and Columbus Girls   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scholarships / Grants

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Scholarships Awarded by the Missouri State Council

The Missouri State Council awards a total of eleven (11) scholarships each year. Each scholarship has an annual award of $1000, payable in installments of $500 per semester. The scholarships are designated in the following categories:

  • Four (4) LUKE E. HART MEMORIAL Scholarships. The recipients MUST attend one of the branches of the University of Missouri - Columbia, St. Louis, Rolla, or Kansas City. If fewer than four qualified applicants apply, then these scholarships may be awarded as specified for Missouri State Scholarships.
  • Three (3) MISSOURI STATE Scholarships. The recipients may attend any accredited University, College, or Technical School; beyond High School Level.
  • One (1) CARDINAL BERNARD F. LAW Scholarship. The recipient may attend any accredited seminary of their choice studying for a vocation to the religious life.
  • Two (2) VOCATION Scholarships. The recipients may attend any accredited seminary or college of their choice to study for a vocation to the religious life. If no applications are received from applicants desiring to study for a vocation to the priesthood or to serve in a religious community, then these scholarships may be awarded to other applicants with preference given to those attending Catholic institutions.
  • One (1) Tech School Scholarship. The recipient may attend any accredited Technical School. These are normally two-year programs.

To be eligible for the Hart and Missouri State or Tech School scholarships, the applicant MUST be: 

  • A member of the Knights of Columbus
  • OR The son, daughter, or wife of a member of the Knights of Columbus
  • OR The son, daughter, or non-remarried wife of a deceased member of the Knights of Columbus
  • OR a member of a Ladies Auxiliary of a Missouri Knights Council
  • OR A Squire or Columbus Girl in good standing, attested to by the Chief Counselor and GK
  • OR A minor child whose LEGAL GUARDIAN is a member of the Knights of Columbus.

The applicant must obtain the certification of the Grand Knight OR the Financial Secretary of the local Council to verify membership. Member is defined as a member in good standing of a Council within Missouri.

Applicants for the Cardinal Law or Vocations scholarships must be approved by one of the Missouri Dioceses or by a religious order located in Missouri.  NOTE: The membership requirements do NOT apply for Vocations applicants.

Scholarship winners are selected on the basis of Catholic citizenship, community service, scholarship, and financial need. The recipients are selected by a Committee of the Knights of Columbus as appointed by the State Deputy. All scholarships are for Missouri residents. Payments are made directly to the institution AFTER proof of successful enrollment in good standing is provided to the Scholarship Committee.

Completed applications using only the 2015-2016 application form (when available), and required certification forms, must be postmarked no later than FEBRUARY 15, 2016 in order to be considered. 

Application and Information
Click here to download and print the Scholarship Application Form. 
Click here to download and print the list, rules, and deadline 
Click here for a helpful Letter to School Counselors about the application.

Printed, Completed, Signed Applications should be mailed to:

Scholarships Chairman
1904 Pine Street
Higginsville, MO 64037
D-816-483-1177 x2210 N-660-584-7234
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional scholarship information: http://www.jymiller.net/kcship.html

Scholarship Winners: 
2015 Scholarship Winners
2014 Scholarship winners

2013 Scholarship winners

2012 Scholarship winners
2011 Scholarship winners

Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships Awarded by the Supreme Council

PRO DEO and PRO PATRIA Scholarships:
Sixty-two (62) scholarships for undergraduate studies in the amount of $1500 are awarded in this program to members and the sons or daughters of a member or deceased member. Ten (10) of these scholarships are awarded for studies at the Catholic University of America and forty-eight (48) are awarded for studies at any Catholic College of the student’s choice in the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, or the Philippines. Four (4) additional scholarships are awarded annually to members of the Columbian Squires.

These fellowships are established for work in the fields offered in the graduate school of the Catholic University of America. The fellowships cover tuition, room, and board and may be renewed annually up to three years. Detailed information on these programs is available in the Financial Aid To Education pamphlet #951 or by writing directly to: Director of Scholarship Aid, P.O. Box 1670, New Haven, CT 06507.

For more information, visit the Supreme Council scholarships page:  http://www.kofc.org/scholarships


Mike Deamos, Scholarship Chairman              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Youth Protection Program

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The Supreme Council has instituted a program called the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program.

This online program, along with a formal background check, is designed to teach all Grand Knights, Circle Leaders, and those who are in direct contact with young people in Knights of Columbus sponsored activities/organizations the signs of abuse and what we as Knights should do to provide our youth with a safe and supporting environment.

The online program Can be completed in as little as one hour. Furthermore, there is no formal meetings to attend. Those completing the program are certified for a period of two years.

The Safe Environment Training and subsequent background check is in addition to any checks performed by the diocese or scouting organizations. There is no cost for these checks to the council or individual.

For more information regarding the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program, you can visit the Supreme website for more information by following ths link:  http://www.kofc.org/un/en/membership/safe_environment/  

For other questions, contact:

Don Allen Youth Protection Chairman   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.